Workstation with redundant power?

I need some advice. I have a piece of software that is very critical to my business. It needs to run on Windows XP (no server based OS support) and has to run on a physical machine (not virtual). Does Dell (or anyone else for that matter) sell a workstation that comes with dual power supplies (preferably hot plug), dual nics and raid (once again, preferably hot plug hard drives)? Or does Dell have a server (rack mount would be great) that has these features that can run (with full driver support) Windows XP?

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Re: Workstation with redundant power?

The dual nic and raid support isn't too much of an issue, but I don't remember ever having seen a desktop (or workstation) system from the major vendors that has redundant powersupplies. If there is one, the price will probably be quite high (think: extra $500+ compared to similar hardware w/o redundant powersupply as it won't be a low end to mid range solution).

How can an application be so important, but not run on a server OS?

Why is virtualization not an option? Do you need a serial port or so?

I haven't seen XP support on server systems (that support redundant powersupplies) from the major vendors, but usually you can find the specs and go to the vendor of the individual parts for drivers (e.g. chipset drivers from Intel, NIC drivers from Broadcom or Intel, etc).

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