XPS 400 sound card upgrade

I have an integrated sound card in my XPS 400 and I'm wondering if I can fit a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium inside.  I don't know if the card is too big or if there are enough PCI-E slots (I've only used one so far).


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Re: XPS 400 sound card upgrade

If you are concerned with space, look at the PCI (not PCIe) Striker 7.1 sound card (I recently installed one in my Vista system).  It is relatively small and has all the outputs including S/PDIF digital.  It has provisions for a "standard" front panel headset/mic connection but with the Dell proprietary connections it may be a problem, but it would also be a problem with any SoundBlaster sound card.

The SoundBlaster sound card I originally had installed went bad and with all the problems reported on this forum with the SoundBlaster Xfi models I decided on something other than a SoundBlaster sound card.  The Striker 7.1 has the "System Mixer" function (what SoundBlaster calls "What you hear") which allows recording streaming audio from the Internet.  Some of the Xfi models do not have this capability in Vista.

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