XPS 8300: icy box IB-864-B 3.5" Card Reader with multiport front panel Upgrade

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I was looking to inserting an icy box IB-864-B 3.5" Card Reader with multiport front panel into my XPS 8300. I am looking for connection advice before purchasing the component. Here is the spec sheet.


My understanding is that it will give me 3 additional 2.0 ports, (a card reader which the XPS 8300 already has but is included anyway), a USB 3.0 port and some extra ports at the front, where the floppy drive slot is. I am mainly interested in the USB ports.

Now to get this working it says I must have the following

NOTE: For using the USB 3.0 port, an external USB 3.0 port at the mainboard or an USB 3.0 PCI-X extension card is required. (Where can I get one of these, will this take up my last PCI slot?)

I was wondering if the XPS 8300 motherboard has all I need to install this properly (I also don't get why it says it has a connection to the audio).

I already have a ATI 5770 graphics card and a Creative Xi Fi Soundblaster Card installed already. Also at the moment I have one DVD drive installed but would like to keep the connections required for the second drive, should I decide to install a blu ray drive later on in time. Likewise for the harddrive.


If it is not possible to get the USB 3.0 port working I would probably install the asaka AK-ICR-08 Interconnect 3.5" Drive Bay Data Panel.

Which I understand just uses the connections the floppy drive would. Here is the spec sheet.

Note if I need to use a PCI slot up to get the USB 3.0 in the icy box working. I am better to get the akasa and get something like the TeckNet USB 3.0 PCI Express Interface USB 3.0 Dual Expansion Card.

I appreciate any advice, thanks.

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Re: XPS 8300: icy box IB-864-B 3.5" Card Reader with multiport front panel Upgrade

Dell does not make the pinout information available so at first glance none of them will work.

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