XPS 8300 won't recognize 5tb data drive

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I have an XPS 8300 desktop, Windows 7/64, 12gb RAM. Boot drive is a 500GB SSD, and there's a 2TB SATA drive for data. I'm a photographer, so I need lots of data storage.

I just purchased a Toshiba MD04ACA500 5TB to use as a data drive (NOT boot).

My XPS 8300 can see the drive but insists it contains only 500GB of storage, not 5TB. I've done the following:

  • Run Diskpart from a DOS window;
  • Run Diskmgmt.msc;
  • Run a third party partition tool
  • I've also gone through Windows KB 2581408 procedure for adding a large drive.

No matter what I do, the drive is seen as only 500 GB.  

Can the XPS 8300 be made to work with a 5TB drive? If so, how?

Thanks, Ed

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RE: XPS 8300 won't recognize 5tb data drive

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Nothing? Anybody?

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RE: XPS 8300 won't recognize 5tb data drive

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Drives larger than 2TB need software to work with large drives and REQUIRES 64 Bit Windows.  INTEL RST built into win7 is 8.x which means it WILL NOT see large drives. Seagate handles this with driver software and utilities .




INTEL RST of at least 10.1 is REQUIRED for Advanced format Drives.

With windows vista or 7 install ATA mode then the patch from microsoft is required before switching to AHCI.


Once switched to Ahci and working you install the version of RST that works for your model.

Newer and newer versions of the RST drop more and more support for older chipsets.

The latest version 15 or 14 or 13 or 12 or 11 may not work.

Before 9.x it was called MSM (Matrix Storage Manger)

it changed from MSM to  RST in the 9.x versions.

10.1 or higher is required for GPT partitions larger than 2TB.

9.6 or higher is required for Advanced format Drives aka bigger than 120 Gig.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver v9.6 and above.


https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/15251 was the transition version.





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RE: XPS 8300 won't recognize 5tb data drive

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Thank you! 

Once I saw your statement that Intel RST drivers must be > 10.1 I checked mine via Device Manager and saw mine  was only 10.0.x. This, despite Windows 7's Device Manager AND  Dell's own driver check software AND also IObit's driver update software all telling me the chipset drivers on my system are current.

It took a bit of searching through the links you provided and Intel's byzantine website, but your last link set me on the right path to the drivers and voila! I have a 5TB drive.

Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

Ed B

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