XPS 9000: How to recover from a bad BIOS update

Right now, I'm hosed. i troed to upgrade my BIOS to the latest from A14 to A16 (I think). It looked like my computer froze. For 10 minutes nothing moved, even my mouse locked up. I forced a reboot. Apparantly the BIOS update was still going on.


My PC turns on, but nothing happens, nothing appears on my screen - signs of a corrupted BIOS.


What are my options currently? I ave the system recover CDs created from when I receved my XPS 9000 but I doubt they'll be useful here.

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Re: XPS 9000: How to recover from a bad BIOS update


If you have a Dell warranty in effect on the XPS 9000, contact Dell Technical Support about the BIOS update failure.

No warranty, try resetting the CMOS, first remove the power cord, hold the power button in for about 10 seconds to discharge the residue power and remove the CR2032 battery, wait 30 minutes, reinstall the battery, reconnect the power cord and see if this makes a difference.

If this does not fix the problem, then the typical remedy for failed, or corrupt BIOS flash, is to replace the motherboard.



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