XPS One (A2010) no power problem

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Beside several other Dell computers I'm owner of a XPS one A2010 machine. About two weeks ago the computer didn’t start. No Bios, no LED, no fan. I disassembled the chassis, removed RAM, proved the cables, used alternative power cables etc. Nothing happened. After reassembling the machine and waiting a few hours it started again and worked fine for about two weeks.

Yesterday the same problem occurred again, but now disconnecting the computer, waiting, proving cables, RAM etc, reassembling and waiting again does not help. The computer still has no power. I’m wondering if the problem could be a power supply or main board problem. I do not want to buy both spare parts for nothing.

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Re: XPS One (A2010) no power problem

In a 24 pin power connector, you can jumper the GREEN wire (pin 14) to one of the BLACK wires and see if the power supply will turn on.  This is not a 100% assurance that the power supply is OK but if that works the problem is probably not the power supply.  

"Reseating" the connectors (unplug and then plug back in) will usually fix any poor connections.  However, in extreme cases of poor connector contact it will take spraying the contacts (both the cable and motherboard)  with a good quality contact cleaner.  This would seem to be the next step since it appears to have worked on time by reseating.  A can of contact cleaner is a lot less expensive than either a power supply or motherboard.


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