boot order problem on Inspiron 530

I have an Inspiron 530 (Core 2 duo E4500, 2 Gb RAM) with two hard drives, HDD1 and HDD2. HDD1 has windows vista pre-installed (i.e. it came with the machine) and HDD2 has windows xp that was installed by myself. (i've checked with Dell that installing another HDD and an OS on it, would not infringe the warranty on my PC).

Whilst installing windows xp onto HDD2, I decided to go into the bios and change the boot order of the hard drives, with HDD2 being the main boot drive. At first it all seems fine because whenever the computer loads, it boots up windows xp rather than vista.

Then, when I decided boot up windows vista (HDD1) from the boot menu, it wouldn't... I tried configuring the boot sequence in the bios, no luck. To make things worse, I've tried loading the default settings and it made the situation even worse... it now looks for a floopy drive (diskette 0).

The funny thing is, in the boot menu when I select HDD1, it boots up windows xp (when it should boot up windows vista) and when I select HDD2 (windows xp), gives me an error: 'NTDLR is missing, press CTRL + ALT + Del to restart'. I've researched online to see what is the NTDLR error message is about, and from what I have found, the main causes are: the bootloader on booting hard drive is messed up and the boot sequence settings in the bios are wrongly configured. In this situation, I think it sounds more that my bios boot sequence settings are messed up...

My PC still works as i'm using windows xp on HDD2 now to type up this post. Also, the system and data files on HDD1 do not appear to have any significant changes (they look the same as before).

Help would be greatly appreciated.


*UPDATE: Just tried out, I attempted to fix the windows vista installation using the recovery disc and it worked. But now, the problem is turned upside down... i can't access my windows xp HDD anymore (boot wise).

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