boot screen dell inspiron 530

When I go to boot up my desktop I get the dell screen, then I have to wait about 3 minutes before I am asked for password.  Passwordword entry is very slow and have to wait about 45seconds before each keystroke is recognized.  Once booted  there are no problems and everything runs well.  Checked all software, security and cleaned up system.  Still no improvement.  Any suggestions.

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Re: boot screen dell inspiron 530

Always inlcude the version of Windows in your posts.

Did this just start? Have you installed any new software or installed/connected any new hardware recently?

How much unnecessary "stuff" is loading every time you boot the system? What happens if you boot in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts to load). If it boots "normally" than something loading at startup may be the problem.

What happens if you disconnect all USB devices, except mouse and keyboard, before you boot up? If that fixes the problem, then run BIOS setup (F2 before Windows starts to load) and look at the Boot Sequence. Make sure no USB devices are listed ahead of the hard drive.



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