color code on cpu back

I need to know what the holes on the back of the cpu are for.  There is a gray, orange, pink, blue, black and green (which is my speaker).  I want to be able to put a guitar and microphone to sing and record.  I have an Inspiron 531 using Windows Vista.  Thanks
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Re: color code on cpu back


See here 

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Re: color code on cpu back

A note on using the PC with a guitar and microphone.  A PC audio input (line in which is stereo and mic which is mono) require high level audio inputs (close to "line level") rather than the low "instrument level" from a guitar and regular P.A. or Karaoke type mic.  You will need a mixer to be able to record both the guitar and mic at the same time and then route the output of the mixer to the PC's line in (since it's a stereo input, you can have one channel (e.g. left) for the guitar and the other channel (e.g right) for the microphone.  You can buy small mixers for about $50 or so.  HERE is one example.


The free Audacity recording program will allow you to record your inputs to the PC's hard drive.  Download HERE

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