dimension 8400 factory settings reset???

hey, i have a dimension 8400 and i cant seem to reset it to factory settings!... ive looked all through the setup screen (F2 when you turn it on) but i cant find the reset option...
somebody please help me!... i need a clean slate!... my computer is full of rubbish and problems!
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Re: dimension 8400 factory settings reset???

Power on, and press CTRL-F11 (once).
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Re: dimension 8400 factory settings reset???

If your computer was shipped after 7.15.04, then you have the Dell's PC Restore utility on the hard drive, that restores the system to factory condition.
Power the computer on.
When the black screen with the Dell Logo in the top blue bar appears,  press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then press the F11 key, then release them both at the same time.   The Dell PC Restore by Symantec window should appear.

NOTE: Only press the keys one time, if you press them more than once you will receive a keyboard error and will have to start the process over.

Click the Restore button. A caution message appears advising that all data will be lost.
Click the Confirm button. The progress window appears. When the restore is complete the message "The system recovery process was  successful"
Click the Finish button and the computer should restart.

Note. if you wish to save any data, then back it up, prior to using the above.


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