dimension xps r450

I have just bought a 450 p2 and dimesion xps 450 motherboard. The guy I bought it from said I would need a Dell power supply inorder to power the mother board. I got out my atx case pluged in the cpu, memory, video and hard drive. I then pluged in the power supply to the mother board. I Then attempted to located the attach points for the front panel. It seems as though this mother board needs a special frontpanel connector to hookup all the front panel leds and buttons. I said oh well I just need to make sure this stuff is not dead on arrival, so I went ahead and pluged in the power supply. Well it just turned itself on, started to spin the hard drive and fans, there were no post beeps, I heard the monitor click like it was going to boot into video bios, but then it shut off, and continues to do so. I put the cpu in another p2 computer and it worked fine, so I know its not the cpu, I tried a p2 350, and a p2 233 cpu in the mobo, but nothing changed. I changed memory sticks, I changed video cards, I could test everything completely except the mobo, and the power supply. I feel as though it might be the power supply but I am not too sure. If i leave the memory out the mobo gives the proper post code for missing dimms. The fan for the power supply sounds like it is strong. I dont want to waste money replacing parts that do not need replacement. I also wondered it maybe it could be because I dont have the correct front panel display hooked up to the mobo. If any of you experts from dell remember how this mobo was setup and any information I need to isolate the defective part I would greatly appreciate this. This is a really tight budget computer (> $ 150.00) so any helpful information would be appreciated.


Jeremy Ball

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Re: dimension xps r450

There's probably nothing defective on your mobo. The guy you bought the mobo from was telling you the truth. Dell power supplies are wired a little different than your regular ATX power supply. You can find a Dell compatible power supply at http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/power_supplies/ultra_quiet/silencers/index_ultraquiet_atx.htm

Good luck.

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Re: dimension xps r450

Thanks gwv350 for your reply, however.................

I must apologize, I did not mention that the power supply came with the motherboard. It is a dell 200 watt power

supply. It has all the appopriate plugins for the mobo. This leads me with trying to guess if the problem is with the

motherboard or the powersupply. What I am really asking is if anyone might have a idea of which of the two is

bad based on the troubleshooting info I have givin. I want to repeat this and try to be as clear about it as possible.

First off I know for a fact that the cpu (a p2 450 mhz) works fine. The motherboard is a pull from a dell dimension 

xps r450. The powersupply is a dell 200 watt unit. 

So far I have ensured all components are working properly expect the motherboard and the powersupply. I am

also supicious as to if this motherboard must have the front panel connector hooked up inorder to work properly,

since I do not have the proper plugin for the mobo I cannot be sure about this.  When I plug in the powersupply to

the outlet the harddrive starts to spin, the cpu fan comes on, and it starts to go into video bios, but then it shuts

off. No matter what I do I cannot seem to keep the power on for more then about 10 seconds. This leads me to

think the motherboard is the problem. If it was sporadic I might think the powersupply is not cutting it but its very

consistent. But I really cannot be sure. Before I just this motherboard I would like to see if there is something

missed, or if maybe it is just the powersupply that is causing the problem here. As it is the only way for me to go

futher with testing is to start reading out powersupply wires on a fluk meter. To save money and to see if there is

something to this is am missing I wanted any of your inputs if you would be willing.


Thanks Jeremy


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Re: dimension xps r450

Go here and read about it: http://www.roberthancock.com/dell/
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