optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

I have a dell optiplex gx240 with bios revision A01. I would like to add 512MB of ram but have read that i will need to upgrade my bios revision, is this correct?
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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

The Optiplex GX240 has a maximum memory capacity of 1GB, regardless of which BIOS revision is installed. Although you should not necessarily have to update your BIOS in order to install additional memory, there are several memory-related updates in the most recent BIOS ().

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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

Cody, you say "you should not necessarily have to update your BIOS in order to install additional memory". This implys that there are circumstances where a BIOS update is necessary. What may these circumstances be?

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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

A BIOS update is generally recommended only when there is a problem with the system that may be able to be fixed via an update provided in a newer BIOS. The BIOS release notes for revisions up to and including A05 for the Optiplex GX240 are as follows:

BIOS Release Notes

Systems: OptiPlex GX240
Version: A05
Release Date: 07-19-2002

The following changes have been made to BIOS rev A04 to create A05:

1. Added support for new Processors.
2. Fixed possible CMOS corruption when adjusting system configuration through Open Manage.
3. Updated ACPI sleep state mapping code to fix USB 2.0 devices not being found after a resume.
4. Added IDE UDMA support to speed up resume from Hibernate (when enabled).
6. Adjusted USB Emulation support for special keys, and non-US keyboards.
7. Fixed false error on Floppy Drive when running Diags From Bootable Diags CD without a Floppy Drive.
8. Fixed issues with some USB devices causing a keyboard POST error with a USB keyboard.
9. Reduce POST time when no PS/2 keyboard or Mouse installed.
10.Added two new diagnostic LED codes for better memory failure isolation.
No Memory Detected (ABCD=Grn, Yel, Yel, Yel)
Memory Configuration Failure (ABCD=Grn, Yel, Grn, Yel)
11.Fixed potential hang when exiting SETUP after defaulting device boot list.

fSystems: OptiPlex GX240
Version: A04
Release Date: 05-28-2002

The following changes have been made to BIOS rev A03 to create A04:

The A04 BIOS is available through web download to fix specific issues and add minor enhancements.

1. Altered PnP device node for LPT port to report ECP when in ECP mode.
2. Altered Low Power Mode support to turn off PCI PME devices as well as integrated NIC when Low Power Mode is active in S4 or S5.
3. Changed COM2 initialization to fix some plotters.
4. Corrected detection of devices on the secondary IDE Channel when there is an error on the primary IDE Channel.
5. Corrected handling when no boot devices are attached.
6. Updated microcode for Current and new CPU's.
7. Alter handling of NUMLOCK flag on USB keyboard.
8. Fix intermittant hang issue with Creative Labs Audigy card.
9. Fixed POST issue with missing devices on certain USB hubs.
10.Fixed misdetect when PS2 keyboard and mouse were swapped on S4 resumes.
11.Sped up post times in USB only systems.
12.Added system halt when unsupported CPU is detected.
13.Added new memory diagnostic LED codes.
14.Added support for USB devices that have a maximum packet size of 64 bytes.

Systems: OptiPlex GX240
Version: A03
Release Date: 03-01-2002

The following changes have been made to BIOS rev A02 to create A03:

1. Added low power mode feature.
2. Added controls for display of the F2 and F12 (also Ctrl-Alt-F8) hot keys.
3. Sped up resumes from hibernate.
4. Updated ACPI selectors and table size.
5. Boot devices that are disabled (unchecked in the setup menus) no longer appear in the boot menu.
6. Keypad enter can now be used to select an item in the boot menu.
7. Fixed a few PnP/PCI problems.
8. Changed AC Recovery default to Off.
9. Updated selectable boot code to gracefully handle corrupted data.
10. Fixed problem with FLASH update and Win XP.
11. Updated vendor IDs for CNET and Davicom.
12. Modified how CPU temperature errors are logged.
13. Fixed SMI handling problems that could result in an inadvertent shutdown.

Systems: OptiPlex GX240
Version: A02
Release Date: 12-06-01

The following changes have been made to BIOS rev A01 to create A02:

1. Pressing F12 during POST now causes boot device menu to be displayed
2. Fix for wireless USB mice and keyboard support
3. Fix for Dell power management feature
4. Optimized code for faster S3 resume times.
5. Fix issue of password check being skipped after AC power loss
6. Support for 7 digit asset tags with checksum ending with 00
7. Support for mixing DIMMS having tRAS of 7 with DIMMS having tRAS of 5 or 6
8. CPU microcode update B0 version 7 added

Systems: OptiPlex GX240
Version: A01
Release Date: 08-27-01

The following changes have been made to BIOS rev A00 to create A01:

1. Fixed diagnostic LED's so that they read Y-Y-G-G when no memory is installed in the system.
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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

J'ai un dell optiplex GX240 avec le bios A01 révision. Je voudrais ajouter 512 Mo de ram mais j'ai lu que je vais mettre à niveau mon bios révision, est-ce correct?

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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades

Dude, that's a ten-years-dormant thread you just reopened!

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Re: optiplex gx240 memory bios upgrades


Due to the age of the thread, I have locked it.



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