"Alert! Front I/O Cable Not Connected!" Computer running VERY slowly, will not boot up., It was working fine yesterday, not working after reboot.

To start off, my computer was working fine and I have not had any such problems with it in the past.

The computer is about a year and a half old, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64.

The only notable thing I've done different is installing a driver for my 360 Wired Controller before shutting down the night before.
(This could very well be the issue. I'm running a Dell XPS 730, and I've read about a few issues concerning the Audio Cards and the computer looking for the wrong jack or some such.
When I attempted to use my Xbox 360 Wired Controller, I plugged it into the front USB jack whilst installing the driver. Couldnt get the controller to turn on, so I unplugged it from the front, and then tried plugging it into the back.. Still no go, thats when I shut down and went to bed. Rebooting this morning with the controller still plugged into the back.
http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download...category=Gaming (Download Location)

The next morning when I tried to boot up my computer, it was running so slow that the "Loading Windows" screen looked like some old 8-bit loading screen. The next screen gave me the error "Alert! Front I/O Cable Not Connected!"

It gives me the option to press F1 to continue or F2 for setup. Used F1 to continue, and then when the next screen came up, I hit F12 to get the Boot Menu.

After this, the computer made one long beep for about 30-45 seconds that sounded alot like a flatline, and then switched over to my BIOS screen with Ctrl + M to enter Raid Setup Utility.

And here it sits, half an hour later. Still on the same screen.

Nothing has touched the tower, it was not acting strangely before last night or before the shutdown, but suddenly it doesnt work this morning. It has not been used, nor has it been tampered with.

Things to Note: I opened the side to check for loose wires (Not that it would help as I don't know enough about the hardware, anyways), couldn't find anything obvious, so I reattached the side and attempted to boot it up again.

Only this time.. Hitting the power button did nothing, it would not start up. So I adjusted the tower or perhaps moved it slightly and suddenly it had power again and decided to start up on its own.

This led me to believe that it might be a loose wire, or some type of hardware malfunction.But I doubt it, after reading through the forums, I see that more than a few people have had very similiar issues after using the front USB jacks to install drivers.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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