"Yellow Exclamation Mark In Device Manager- Network Adapters

Under Network Adapters I have two entries:

1. Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection.

2. Packet Scheduler Miniport #4.      There is a yellow exclamation mark beside this device. Under properties it states that this device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (code31).

When I tried to uninstall it I get this message.."Failed to uninstall the device". "The device may be required to boot up the computer".

I have called Dell Support twice about this problem. Both times the reps had me use the Resource CD to intall the network adapter again. The result is that both entries appear again.

I then tried to uninstall the Intel Pro/100 Network by using the add/delete function of Windows. When finished the entry with the yellow mark remains listed in the Device Manager.

I have searched this site and Microsoft's Support area and cannot find a solution.

I am connected to the internet via a DSL service. There are times when I have not been able to connect. The rep from this service said that it may be related to this Packet Scheduler Miniport. He suggested contacting Dell.

Will I have to do a complete reinstallation of Windows XP to fix this problem?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?



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Re: "Yellow Exclamation Mark In Device Manager- Network Adapters

You might want to post this in the Network or XP forum....  I have not had this problem, but the following might be of some help.... 






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Re: "Yellow Exclamation Mark In Device Manager- Network Adapters


Thanks for your help. I am currently going through the list from the search link you provided.

I see that it has been suggested to just disable this device. I would rather find a way to uninstall it and then install it again, so that it works properly.


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