video decoder for Windows XP Media Center

After updating windows xp on my Dell xps 400, I cannot watch live TV or record from TV. 

I get a message that the decoder is in use by another application.  I have run the video decoder checkup utility and that indicates no incompatability.  Nothing on this computer has changed except the updated XP.

The decoder was factory loaded on the PC:  CyberLink Video/SP decoder Dell 5.3  Power DVD\CLVSD.ax

I would like to uninstall/reinstall the decoder software, but can't find it on the Dell site.  Dell does offer Sonic, which already is on the computer and is incompatible per the decoder checkup utility.

Many thanks for any ideas.

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Re: video decoder for Windows XP Media Center

Hi mjnyc,

This is really a software question. The decoder software is probably PowerDVD, which Dell usually provides a disc for. If you don't have that disc, you can order replacement discs from the support site. There is a free decoder called VLC Media Player that you could also try. Once any of these programs are installed, MCE should work.

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