vostro 200s (slim tower) does not boot

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* after pushing start button, button shows shortly yellow, fan starts turning.
* then light of the start button goes off, fan goes off
* after about 2-3 seconds, start button shows blue, fan starts turning at max. speed
* nothing happens after this (no beep for the start of the system, as usual, no signal to the monitor, keyboard does not light on.). Fan would go like this forever.
* i can shut down the system by pushing the start button for some seconds.

what can I do? What part has to be changed? (motherboard?)

thank you in advance! any help would be appreciated!

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Re: vostro 200s (slim tower) does not boot

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I followed the steps from here: http://www.fixya.com/support/r6775371-computer_not_turning_dead_no

and could make the computer boot again.

I removed the bios battery, then separately the memory modules, the harddisk and dvd-drive. After reinserting, everything worked fine. It seems that some settings in the bios went wrong, as the removal of the bios battery produces a reset to factory defaults of the bios information.

Now everything is ok.