windows xp &floppy drive problems


I had to re-install the windows xp on my dimension 4400 using the dell supplied cd, recently i noticed that when ever i tried to save anything onto the floppy, i get the message that the floppy is write-protected. in fact it is not. if i start my system using win98/dos and use the same floppy it saves fine, so it appears this is a Win  XP specific issue. does anyone know of a fix. BIOS is A06.




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Re: windows xp &floppy drive problems

Try clearing the nvram. I had a hardware problem after updating my bios to A06 similar to yours and clearing the nvram took care of it. There is a white paper on the procedure for doing this on the Dell support site here: http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?DN=1023538  Note: you have to be logged on to the support site for this link to work.

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Re: windows xp &floppy drive problems

Good advice above.

While in BIOS, also check the diskette/floppy properties and be sure that write protection is set to "off".


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