Optiplex GX520 - Windows XP

7 Thorium

Optiplex GX520 - Windows XP

Operating System Updates

Windows XP Standalone Service Pack 2

Windows XP Standalone Service Pack 3

Internet Explorer 8

Windows Media Player 11

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0

Microsoft Security Essentials*

Microsoft Security Essentials Latest Definition (32 bit)*


R121089 Dell Desktop Software


R132539 Chipset


R126542 Intel Express Chipset Family

R98241 Intel Video Graphics Controller


R73044 Conexant Modem Driver

R72270 Conexant Modem Application

R98291 Conexant Modem Diagnostics


R132254 Broadcom Ethernet Driver

R96978 Broadcom Ethernet Application

R138111 Broadcom Ethernet Utility

R96977 Broadcom Ethernet Diagnostics


R97809 Audio Analogue Devices

Dr Philip Yip
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