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Alle offenen Fenster werden nach links oben verschoben wenn ich UP3214Q power cycle - gemäss nVidia Fehler von Dell


Das letzte Problem in der bald 2 Jährigen UP3214Q Odyssee (okay, zweitletztes.. intel muss auch noch was liefern, deren Support dieses Gerätes ist zum k...).

Wenn ich also den Bildschirm abschalte und wieder anschalte, sind alle Fenster in grösse 1024x786 links oben. Ich habe das mal nVidia gemeldet - und die schreiben mir nun folgendes:

Our development team did investigate the issue and concluded that the problem is not in our drivers but in the monitor. We trace through all the events and noticed the monitor was generating a hot-unplug and then a plug event. This tells the OS that the monitor was lost resulting in a simulated monitor and repositioning of the windows, thus causing windows to collapse. Apparently this behavior is by design to help with monitor sink specific receiver initialization sequence during wake from monitor sleep state. 

We did report the issue and our findings back to the monitor chipset manufacture and they are aware of the issue, but only committed to addressing this in future products. Unfortunately there is no plan to workaround this monitor behavior in our drivers. The issue is due to the monitor implementation, and there is a lot of potential downside to trying to implement a workaround for these specific monitors. This is best resolve on the monitor side via a firmware update. I suggest you contact Dell to explain the issue so they can work with the monitor manufacture to provide a firmware fix.

Also - das wäre dann wohl was für REV A05 denn bei der A04 geht es noch nicht. Und ich hab noch 14 Monate Garantie Smiley (fröhlich)

Hier noch die Case Nummer bei nVidia: 150310-000327. Die letzte Analyse von nVidia zum Thema "kein Bild nach sleep/power cycle", was zur Firmware A04 geführt hat war ja korrekt, also gehe ich hier mal auch davon aus.