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Dell 3130cn Color Laser and Win 7 slow


we have some issues with our Dell 3130cn Color Laser printer.

The printer is connected to our network and gets a fixed IP-adress by the router.
In addition we have one computer and one laptop connected to the network (also with fixed IPs). Both devices run with Windows 7 , 64bit (6.1.7601, Service Pack 1, Build 7601) and have the same PCL printer drivers installed (dlxbmzim.dll, 32.67, Format: Raw).

Printing a picture (3MB) with the laptop works absolutely fine and quite fast (~45 seconds). When printing the same picture with the desktop PC, the printing process takes much longer, ~10-20 minutes.

I already checked the whole network but it works fine. File transfer between both computers runs with 100MB/s in both directions. The ping response from the printer comes back to both computers with <1ms.

I'm out of ideas why the computer needs much more time for printing than the laptop. Do you have any suggestions what else I can try to do?

Thank's for your help


BTW: The computer has a Gigabyte Z77M-D3H mainboard installed.