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Customer has various points with respect to ECS SwitchHardening. I want to know if its possible.

  1. Configuring encrypted password for accessing the device in configuration mode.
  2. Configuring crisis username and encrypted PW
  3. Configuring TCP keep alives
  4. Configuring Banner as per TCS guidelines
  5. Disabling ip unreachable command on specific interface
  6. Disabling redirect message on same interface
  7. Disable proxy arp
  8. Tacacs server configuration
  9. Configuring aaa server configuration
  10. To configure authorization
  11. To configure accounting
  12. Disabling aux port
  13. Configuring console port
  14. Avoid DNS translation
  15. Configuring SNMP community string
  16. Forbid HTTP Service
  17. Avoid leaking user information
  18. Disable to stop attacks
  19. Disable unused Interface
  20. Neighbour discovery enabled
  21. Port-fast on access ports
  22. BPDU Filter to avoid spanning tree attacks
  23. Enable Port Security
  24. VTP mode to be set as transparent
  25. Allow specific ip and block other ip address
  26. Configuring NTP server
  27. Disable console logging
  28. Configure logging
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