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Elastic Cloud Visions - Video Series


EMC Elastic Cloud Visions – The Well Managed Cloud

Welcome to our video series, EMC - Elastic Cloud Visions.  This series of short, informative, videos is designed to provide useful information on tools and best practices for managing private cloud environments with EMC Elastic Cloud Storage.

The first in the series to be presented is “The Well Managed Cloud “The series includes these videos which provide a guided tour of EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Software.

Part 1 – ECS Storage Pools, Virtual Datacenters, and Replication Groups
Learn how to created storage Pools, virtual datacenters, and replication groups with EMC Elastic Cloud Storage.  This video introduces some core concepts on ECS’s flexibility.

Part 2 – ECS Namespaces, User and Buckets
This video is a good starting point for those who are new to EMC Elastic Cloud Storage.  Learn how to create namespaces and add users using EMC ECS Software. This video also covers the concept of object buckets and how to create them in the ECS GUI.

Part 3 – ECS Metering
This video is an excellent primer for those who want to learn about how to manage resources in EMC Elastic Cloud Storage. Covered are topics like tenant metering and monitoring which is of particular useful in a service provider scenario.

Part 4 – ECS Capacity Utilization, Traffic Metrics and Disk Bandwidth

This video introduces user to EMC Elastic Cloud Storage’s full featured monitoring and management tools.  Learn about ECS’s full-featured multitenant tools for managing tenant quotas,  and producing reports and chargeback.

Part 5 – ECS Hardware, Node and Process Health
Learn how EMC Elastic Cloud Storage provides and in depth view of system health with in depth diagnostics.

Part 6 – ECS Storage Efficiency
EMC Elastic Cloud Storage uses technologies like erasure coding for performance and high availability.  A complete management dashboard is provided to monitor writes, reads and failover processes.

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