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Node SFP's


We have ordered an ECS that is to be installed in a customer rack and use the customers own Cisco switches.

The ECS nodes have been delivered without SFP's.

Does anyone know the part number we need to get these SFP's ordered?

Thanks, Colin

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Re: Node SFP's

Hi Colin,

The only 10Gb SFP available from Dell EMC for the ECS is part number 100-585-048 which is SRL.

The only other option from Dell EMC would be the 10Gb SFP molded into the Twinax cable part number 038-000-135-00.

Otherwise, if your customer requires some other 10Gb SFP based on connectivity, e.g. single mode fibre, then please consider some other source such as Dell EMC brokerage.

Please note that the ECS software requires 10Gb SFPs and therefore please do not use any 1Gb SFP.



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