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Slow EMC ECS upload speed

I want to try out ECS community edition on Centos 7 with docker-1.9.1-25.el7.centos.x86_64. I am following the exact instruction in .

ECS-CommunityEdition/ECS-SingleNode-Instructions.md at master · EMCECS/ECS-CommunityEdition · GitHub

(1TB disk, 16GB memory)

Netcat shows I have over 300 MB/s connection from my machine to the container in the docker.

But upload speed of one file from my machine to the bucket (hosted by the container in the docker running on the same machine) is only 25MB/s. I am uploading one file at a time. Tried tens of times with different file sizes from  10MB to 200Mb. Upload speed is constantly around 25MB/s.

And the machine's CPU usage is always around 10%

Anyone having the same issue?

Anyone any idea how to solve it? or what might be the problem here?


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Re: Slow EMC ECS upload speed

CE is not designed to represent real ECS performance.  It should only be used for functional testing.

That said, you're likely bound by disk IO.  Have you tried running iozone against the disk inside the VM?  You may get better performance with multiple threads, but as I said above, CE is only for functional testing.  It is a single host with (in almost all cases) a single vdisk.