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7 Steps to Quantify a Converged Solution Opportunity

Uncovering what a customer has and what a customer needs is always a challenge. Selling converged solutions adds another layer of complexity to that discovery process. It’s not enough to look at just the compute or just the storage in a converged solution. It needs to be approached from a much higher level, yet with a great amount of detail and with more focus on following the information through its entire path than ever before. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take the “art” out of “architecture” and have some uniform structure around planning for implementation? In the age of doing more with less and lean processes, repeatable procedures are becoming not only desirable, but required.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Sharon March walks you through seven steps, loosely aligned with the 7-layer OSI model, to ensure that you ask the right questions or start the right thought processes before equipment arrives at a customer site. Following this methodology and proceeding through the steps can ensure that as many questions around the entire solution are addressed as possible before implementation begins.

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