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A Language Translation Service for Documentum

The expectation for online multilingual content is greater than ever. It is also assumed that licensing agreements, rules and regulations, and disclaimers will be available in multiple languages on websites belonging to software vendors, credit card companies, insurers, and other service providers. From a content management perspective, how do you produce, manage, and maintain all of these translations? What if the “source” document changes? How do these changes ripple through to the rest of the translations? What if one of the translations needs to be “tweaked”? How do you keep its versions in sync with the source document?

In this This Knowledge Sharing article, Scott Roth discusses a solution for creating and maintaining multiple translations of content in a Documentum repository. The solution uses the inherent content management capabilities of the Documentum Content Server to manage content, versions, and relationships among documents, and leverages the Content Server’s infrastructure (specifically Service-based Objects, asynchronous jobs, and external database tables) to integrate with a translation services provider for the production of translations. The translation services provider used for this discussion is Lingotek which offers a comprehensive RESTful API that integrates easily with Documentum to provide a seamless solution for production and management of multilingual content.

In addition, Scott’s article discusses ideas for naming files to assist with identifying translations intuitively, managing and syncing versions of source files with translations, and how to leverage Documentum’s built-in use of relationships to identify translations of specific documents for publication.

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