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Anyone else having trouble with the portal?

Are there any hours I should avoid using the portal?

I'm based in the UK and find that often webpages / materials are unavailable for me to download or watch. HTTP 500 server cannot display the page.

I'm assuming that this is because some form of maintenance is taking place.

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Re: Anyone else having trouble with the portal?

Hello, Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Could you share the pages/places where you get this issue. 

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Re: Anyone else having trouble with the portal?

Hi Tony Harper,

I'm sorry you're encountering this issue. We do post messages on the site when it is down for maintenance, but it sounds like you're encountering this issue at times when the site should be working properly. One general trick that can help with this issue is to clear your browser's cookies. However, if the issue persists, you should open a support ticket here: http://emc.force.com/EducationSupport/edservices_case_creation?type=Technical%20Support&selectedLang...

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