Are you considering to take Proven Professional Exam?

Dell Technologies Proven Professional exam topics covered in these exams is supported by our training, but it is not required in order to achieve the certification if a candidate has the relevant experience with the product. We are careful to ensure that we do not ask questions on areas that are not applicable to the common practice or experience in the role.

The product versions, exam topics and weighting of the topics are documented in the exam description on our overview website  and framework website

After reviewing the exam description if you feel you have sufficient knowledge and experience to pass the exam without completing the training then it is recommended that you take the practice test to assess your readiness.

If the practice test identifies potential gaps in your readiness then it will point to the recommended section of the training. The practice test questions go through the same development and review process as the proctored exam questions and cover the same weighting of topics.

We hope this clarifies how are certification exams are supported by training and where to find the relevant information on the product version and topics of a specific exam.

Good Luck to you all!


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Re: Are you considering to take Proven Professional Exam?

your suggestion is helpfull for me i will follow your suggestion
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Re: Are you considering to take Proven Professional Exam?

Hello and Welcome lndafrancis

Thank you for your kind reply if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.



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