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Avamar Solutions for Virtualized Infrastructure

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Balaji Panchanathan, Satchidananda Patra, and Pravin Ashok Kumar focus on how Avamar can be used in Hyper-V, Azure Cloud, and ESX.

Recent market analysis indicates MS Hyper-V holds 30.6% market share in the private cloud space, versus VMware at 46%. The Hyper-V market share presents an opportunity for EMC to sell Avamar virtual backup appliances to customers with MS Hyper-V infrastructure.

The authors also focus on another major trend — the increasing adoption of Hybrid cloud — and how Avamar can be used in conjunction with Azure to protect hybrid cloud scenarios.

This article will be helpful for Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing, and Solution Architects to expand the sales space to Hyper-V. Topics covered include:

• Avamar integration with Hyper-V AVE integration with Data Domain

• Benchmarking AVE configurations on Hyper-V and ESX (for capacity planning)

• Backup/Restore performance numbers for Hyper-V and ESX replication solutions

The article will help the solution architect/customer design the Avamar solution for:

• Disaster recovery in cloud

• Protection of Hybrid cloud

• Protection of MS Azure Apps/Windows Applications and protecting it from user/error

Read the full article.

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