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Best of V’s and Troubleshooting Methodologies

Implementing a private cloud can create complexity for storage administrators since storage is pooled across geographies. An added challenge is the additional virtualization layer that is introduced between the hosts and storage. Consequently, should performance issues occur, the storage administrator has to look into many new areas for bottlenecks.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Anuj Sharma presents best practices that should be followed while implementing VPLEX, VNX, and VMAX along with the operational best practices to attain the best results from each. He also looks into troubleshooting methodologies that explain how storage administrators should approach performance issues and the different perspectives for dealing with and resolving them. Also discussed are:

• Best practices to implement FAST DP and FAST VP on VMAX

• Best practices to implement FAST on VNX

• Best practices for the storage layout on VNX and VMAX

• Best practices for mapping the backend storage to VPLEX

• Best practices for implementing DSE pool for Async SRDF®

• Best practices for implementing FTS

• VNX failover settings best practices

• Enhancing VNX alerting capabilities

• Performance

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