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Big Data Analytics Then & Now: A look back at 2011


Big Data analytics has arrived and is being leveraged by more and more organizations looking for the insight and competitive edge it can provide. It appears inevitable that Big Data will continue its rapid ascent, as even more businesses discover the necessity of Big Data Analytics to gain competitive advantage.

This EMC Perspective from 2011 is an interesting look at the state of Big Data Analytics at that time. The paper outlines the role that these new analytics platforms can play and discusses the types of analytic-driven, big data-exploiting business applications that may emerge. Fundamentals behind Big Data and Big Data Analytics are highlighted which by and large, remain true:

  • a new computing platform enabled by integrating the traditional data warehouse and analytics
  • linear scalability that, through computing languages such as Hadoop, transforms the traditional ETL process into a more powerful data enrichment process and enables analysis of massive, granular data sets
  • a pervasive, ubiquitous, and collaborative user experience that leverages analytics to identify and deliver material, actionable business insights.

In light of existing Big Data technologies maturing and new ones emerging, how do you think the Big Data Analytics landscape has changed since this Perspective paper was published? Where is the author spot-on? What are the factors that you believe propel—or impede—its adoption?

Read the paper here.

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