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Book to study for E20-001

Guys, can anyone help me know if theres a book available to study for E20-001 Information Storage and Management Exam. I have a  eadline of 2 weeks to get certified.

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Re: Book to study for E20-001

1.The Eleaning modules (for E20-001) that you can purchase through Powerlink are really good for this one.  What you can do is when you connect to each E-learning module, you can save the Student Resource guide for each module in PDF format.  These go into more detail than the E-learning modules (the PDFs are attached to the E-learning modules). There is alot of reading to get through, about 800 pages if I remember, 7 sections.

2.Or the other option I think would be:  http://education.emc.com/ismbook/

When I took the exam, this book hadn't been released, but I've flicked through it, and I think it will help alot.

3.Make sure you also have a look at the E20-001 "Exam description" :


This will give you an idea of which topics will be covered in the exam.

4.Also try the Practice questions in Powerlink.  There is a link witin the "Exam Description" PDF which will take you straight to the practice questions in Powerlink.

Good Luck.

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