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Co$t-Effective Cloud Application Architectures

Building distributed architectures is not easy. Migrating application to cloud is even tougher. Plus, the pressure to contain costs adds to the challenge. Traditionally, customers adopting cloud computing had to make an upfront investment in their infrastructures even if they were unable to leverage it fully. Thus, even before the infrastructure could reap benefits, the money was spent. It is precisely this problem that cloud computing addresses with its pay-as-you-go model.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Sumit Nigam discusses design strategies to be incorporated in application architecture which contribute to saving on costs on cloud. Approaching costs from an application architect point of view, Sumit draws on his own experiences at building cost-effective architectures.

Sumit’s article concludes with a discussion on why hybrid cloud has become such a dominant force and why a cost-effective architecture when deployed on hybrid cloud is a perfect strategy.

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