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Community Roundup - Week Ending March 5, 2010

Sorry the roundup is coming so late this week! Things are very busy around EMC, among other things we are starting the planning for EMC World. I should have something to share with you all very soon!

News & Events

Posts of note in the Proven Professional community this week:

  • Sebastian Raymond started a wiki for Proven Professionals that will be coming to Boston for EMC World in May. Make sure you sign in once your plans are finalized!
  • Michelle added new Knowledge Sharing papers in this wiki. The docs are all available on Powerlink, and in the Proven Professionals ONLY community (which requires a Proven Professional Certification to access). The documents added were:
    • DLm v2.1 z/OS Implementation Guide by Mike Smialek
    • Best Practices for Deploying Celerra NAS by Ron Nicholl
    • Using EMC ControlCenter UNC File Level Reporting on CIFS Shares by Chad DeMatteis and Michael Horvath
  • This thread by yashash1 has a lot of good information for folks just getting started with certification. Information about what happens if you fail the test on the first try, where to look for jobs with EMC, and where to get your Proven Professional logo.
  • If you are looking to hear about someone's experience of studying, taking and passing the ISM exam, check out Sebastian Raymond's nice post.

Some housekeeping notes:

  • Please use descriptive tags when you are creating documents and posts! It will help others find the content you have created. Tags are free, use as many as you like!
  • If you have a question that is specific to EMC Proven Professional Certifications, could you please ask it in the Proven Advisor section? I'll move it there if you forget, but we have folks watching that section for your questions.
  • If you post a discussion that is not a question, please try and remember to unclick the "Mark this thread as a question" box. I'm probably the worst offender on this one, but it will help us make sure we haven't missed a real question if you can remember to do this.
  • If you ask a question and someone answers it, could you please mark the question as answered? That way we know you aren't waiting around for someone to help you out still.
  • If you ask a question, you should give people points if they help you out.
  • Please fill out your profiles! Help other Proven Professionals find you by listing your certifications in your profiles. (This is also where you can see how many points you have).

That's all I have for this week. Did I miss something important? Leave a comment and let me know. Have a great week everyone!

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