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Companies Compatible with Third Platform

Most drivers toward the cloud or Third Platform are due to costs, agility, and scalability. Each is a good reason to adopt the new technologies. However, not everyone appreciates the power and changes it can have on lowering costs not just in IT spending but in day-to-day business to make them more competitive against new start-ups or small companies that are using these technologies to provide almost the same service for a fraction of its price.

The new technology offers large computation and automation powers to anyone for a simple fee, thus those who wields this technology will be competitive, relevant, and can disrupt an industry.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Mohamed Gombolaty presents real life experiences to describe use of the cloud not just as a platform, but how Data Science using Big Data Analytics and other useful skills transformed business and changed the competitive landscape. Mohamed explores how IT organizations should evolve to become Third Platform-relevant and posits that failing to do so will ultimately leave market share to others who use Third Platform tools to their full extent.

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