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Containers: IT Management and Operation Aspects

There are many questions you have to review before making sure that your IT operations team can successfully support containerized applications in production environments. A few of them are:

• Must you change system management tools and, if so, how?

• Can you still manage containers the same way as you manage VMs?

• Can a container engine such as Docker be integrated into the existing management platform at the same level as hypervisor so that you can just modify the existing VM management services? Or are you better off using container-native management platforms?

• Can the traditional management tools be modified to be used for containers? Or should new tools be developed for this.

In this Knowledge Sharing article – awarded 1st Place in the 2017 Knowledge Sharing Competition – Mikhail Gloukhovtsev provides an overview of the management and operations aspects of supporting emerging container technologies and application-centric container-based environments that will help you succeed.

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