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DPaaS: Factors to Determine the Right Architecture

Service providers have started to provide data protection as a service (DPaaS) as it is considered to be a good upsell opportunity for them. In this Knowledge Sharing article, Balaji Panchanathan, Pravin Kumar, and Satchidananda Patra focus on the service provider segment and provide a framework on how to choose the right architecture for data protection based on a customer’s need.

By going through this article, service providers can gather customer requirements and based on that, decide on the architecture and appropriate solution/vendor. This article will explain:

• Data protection as a service

• How to gather requirements from customers for their data protection needs

• How to decide on pricing and optimal cost for the solution based on their requirements

• How to arrive at the architecture and the solution based on the cost and requirements

This article will help service providers choose the right architecture for their data protection suite as well as enterprise customers in asking the right questions and choosing the right service provider for their data protection needs.

Read the full article.

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