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Data Migration Dashboard – Reporting and Cost Analysis

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Diwakar Kumar and Jerry Ryan detail how to build a data migration tool, collect the data, customize the reporting, and provide the cost comparison. The development of this migration tool came about in response to customer requests to provide detailed insight into migration project status, cost benefits relating to moving from older footprints to the newest technologies, and to have the information readily available in a dashboard format, as well as the detailed information behind the scenes.

The tool has a dashboard front end reporting on various migration status metrics and cost analysis relating to the data migration. The spreadsheet backend will contain all of the pertinent data. In their article, Diwakar and Jerry explain what the Migration Project Dashboard Reporting is, what steps are involved in setting it up, and the benefits that will result when using the tool in a data migration for the project management team as well as the technical resources and the project sponsors. Also covered is an outline of a practical reporting method to assist with the management of data migration projects and the cost benefits associated with performing the migration.

At a high level, the tool presents overall migration status at both a summary and detailed level, making the dashboard one of the most powerful tools in the migration project manager’s arsenal. The migration project dashboard provides team members an at-a-glance view of the most important metrics, ensuring managers/executive management and the project team are aligned with where the project currently stands and the direction it is heading.

This migration tool is the result of EMC project management best practices combined with the detailed skill sets of a Senior Solutions Architect at a major account.

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