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Does Big Data Mean Big Storage?

Big Data creates great potential for business development but at the same time it can mean “Big Mistakes” by spending a lot of money and time on poorly defined business goals or opportunities. In this Knowledge Sharing article, Mikhail Gloukhovtsev helps readers anticipate how Big Data will affect storage infrastructure design and data lifecycle management, reviewing the pros and cons of possible storage architecture solutions and related storage technologies for Big Data Analytics.

IT organizations can apply Mikhail’s insight when working with storage vendors to develop Big Data road maps and ensure that the budget for a Big Data storage solution is spent wisely.

While this article considers the storage technologies for Big Data, Mikhail emphasizes that Big Data is about more than just a technology. He presents a strong case that companies have to make changes in the way they do business to reap the business advantages of Big Data. A key element to enable this change is development of enterprise information management strategies to address the Big Data lifecycle, including hardware, software, services, and policies for capturing, storing, and analyzing Big Data.

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