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EMC Proven Professional Cloud Architect Certification in Demand; Commands a Premium

In just a couple of years, cloud computing has quickly leapt from cutting edge innovation to mainstream. Businesses are beginning to reap the benefits of this development. At the same time, IT professionals are simultaneously presented with new career opportunities and professional development challenges.

A recent report from Foote Partners, a Florida-based analyst firm that specializes in IT analysis and forecasting, identifies one certification for which employers are paying a premium; EMC Cloud Architect. Foote reports that this certification is commanding a 10-14 percent (of base pay) premium.

The growing list of cloud jobs is evidence of the variety of new cloud roles that did not even exist as recently as a year ago. This occurrence has increased awareness of the need for broad-based training that will enable IT professionals to develop skills that augment their existing skills, and create, in effect,  a new category of IT professional—the Cloud Architect.

For the past six years, such broad-based training has been at the center of EMC Education Services’ ‘open’ curriculum which focuses on technology concepts and principles applicable to any vendor environment. Cloud Architect training and certification, included among the portfolio of ‘open’ curriculum offerings, establishes cloud-ready’ knowledge and skills that enable IT teams to lead the journey to the cloud. 

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Do you perform cloud architect-related activities in your current role? How would an ‘open’ curriculum benefit your skills development? Interested in knowing more about the Cloud Architect curriculum?

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