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How do I get Started with Information Storage

Some one asked in another discussion how to take up ISM. Here is what I would recommend for anyone who wants to become a Information Storage Professional. The EMC Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) certification is the first certification that they should persue.   This exam is available through Vue Testing centers (EMC Exam # E20-001).  One can prepare for the exam through any one the following methods

  • Attending a 5 day corporate training in EMC facility.  This requires your organization that one is working to sponsor. In addition to attending full 5 day corporate training, one would need to spend 1-2 weeks preparing for the exam.
  • Attending the training delivered by EMC Learning Partners.  This is typically delivered as 5 day training or over the 13 weeks.
  • Self reading through ISM book published by Wiley.   The book is written to the level of 6 semester engineering college graduate. If one taking this path, It does require you to have basic understanding of Networking, Operating Systems and Databases.  It is a 500 page book with an associated website.

Following the preparation, I would recommend one to test their understanding of the subject through ISM practice test

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