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ITaaS - Using EHC and VCE to Build Your Data Center

EMC and VMware are transforming the IT model to IT as a Service (ITaaS), where the IT department within an organization acts as a Service Provider for employees of the same organization and provides features for billing based on IT resource use. Not only does this give decision makers complete control of IT costs and usage within the organization, it can provide them with the option to migrate some of the workload to a public cloud, provided cost and security are justified.

In this context, EMC has introduced EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 2.5 which could be built on VCE Vblock or EMC VSPEX.

In their Knowledge Sharing article, Sherif Mohsen and Fadi Elhamy explore integration between EHC 2.5 and VCE Vblock, where a data center can be completely built from only two EMC products—EMC Hybrid Cloud and VCE Vblock. The authors provide Enterprises who already have Vblock or are planning to build a private cloud with more information on how to get the best out of these two EMC offerings.

Their article is based on the concept of “Building your data center using only two products”. While Sherif and Fadi believe the future of cloud environments will be the Hybrid model, they also point out applications where private cloud is justified, and others where the public cloud is the best option.

Read the full article.

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