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IoT Data Flood: Is Your Data Center Ready?

A disruptive innovation on the horizon for the classical data center model as we know it.

In recent years, data center consolidation has accelerated, yet it does not fit well in a world becoming inundated with data driven by the growing adoption of ‘smart’ devices, often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). It will not be practical for all these remotely distributed devices to transfer their data to centralized data center, creating a unique challenge as this data cannot all be stored, for fear of resource shortage.

In this article, Denis Canty highlights considerations of change, such as security, data center network, and the necessity for acceptance of distributed data processing, along with adoption of the emerging model of the micro data center. He also examines the cross dependencies in design between resource management, data intelligence, orchestration, networking, and governance, which will ensure that IoT will bring optimization across the technical landscape that it looks to cover.

Denis’ article is aimed at CTO’s and CEO’s who see the data flood coming, but want to avoid the pitfalls while gaining from the benefits.

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