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Leveraging Big Data to Battle Cyber Threats – A New Security Paradigm

Cybercrime is a serious problem that shows no signs of abating. Today’s cutting-edge criminals use methods that render our best defenses useless. The “moats and castles” approach of network firewalls, static antivirus signatures, and passwords are merely a minor deterrence. By the time antiquated tools detect foul play, the criminal may have been at work for months, or even years, and may have caused damage or absconded with secrets, intellectual property, or private information.

A successful cyber defense hinges on detecting abnormal behavior by correlating vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Classical data warehouses are not designed to do this. Enter Big Data analytics which, due to its ability to handle hundreds of data center data feeds, can employ dozens of techniques to uncover previously unknown patterns and stop cybercrime in its tracks.

In this award-winning Knowledge Sharing article, author Bruce Yellin examines the nuances of cybercrime and the serious shortcomings of today’s defenses, and offers a strategy to safeguard our lives. The reader will be introduced to Big Data, Hadoop, and behavioral data mining from a cyber security perspective. In addition, practical steps are discussed that can be taken right now. As Bruce points out, cybercrime can be battled; but not by moats and castles.

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