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Meet Knowledge Sharing Author: Sejal Joshi

About Sejal Joshi

Sejal Joshi received his Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication in 1993. With over 16 yrs of experience in the Information Technology industry in various roles spanning Tandem Mainframe Admin, Technical Consultant, and UNIX/Network/Database Administrator, Sejal holds numerous industry certifications including, EMC Technology Foundations as well as BCFP, BCFD, BCSM, HP-UX Admin, SUN Admin, SUN Network Admin, and ITIL.

He has been working for a large telecommunication company for over nine years and currently serves as a Seniorr Technical Team Lead managing a very complex SAN/Storage environment.

Sejal Joshi's Knowledge Sharing Article

For IT managers, consolidation and migration has become one of the most routine and challenging facts of life. Consolidating resources is a key factor in lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as simplifying typically complex IT environments.

IT infrastructure relies on Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to provide accessibility to critical business data. In his Knowledge Sharing article, “Ever Growing Storage Area Network Consolidation and Migration. Is it for you?”, Sejal explains how to simplify IT SAN infrastructure and reduce operating cost through consolidation and migration to help companies dramatically reduce high maintenance costs, more fully utilize IT assets, and improve the quality of services that IT offers to the enterprise.

This article covers SAN migration methodology, best practices and migration scenarios.

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