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Meet Knowledge Sharing Winner: Vasily Pantyukhin

About Vasily Pantyukhin

Vasily is an EMC Solutions Architect based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

After receiving his Master of Physics degree in early 2000, Vasily spent over a decade working in the IT industry.  He has held various positions spanning UNIX and Network Administrator, System Engineer, Architect and Director of UNIX Technologies Competence Centre.  In 2006, Vasily accepted the role of Solutions Architect with EMC in Russia.  He is now responsible for complex solutions design and implementation of infrastructure and performance assessments provided by the Professional Services Division.

Vasily holds EMC Proven Professional EMCTAe, EMCIEe, EMCPA and EMCSA credentials as well as numerous industry certifications, including VCP, VTSP, BCFP, BCFCoEP, SCSA and SCNA.

He enjoys popularizing IT technologies and from time to time enthusiastically delivers courses and workshops. Vasily is a self-motivated author of several white papers and publications in Russian core magazines. His IT-oriented blog can be found at hengooru.blogspot.com.

Vasily Pantyukhin's Knowledge Sharing Article

Proactive administration is the key to effective storage management. It provides many advantages with respect to reducing OPEX and saving time. The main requirement for proactive management is to understand what happens in your storage infrastructure. It isn't just monitoring of HW and SW current state. Rather, it is a regular, deep analysis of all aspects, which helps find hidden or potential problems and predict an evolution of infrastructure as a whole.

One of the most important subsystems of a storage complex is a storage area network (SAN). That’s why an accurate SAN audit must be a regular, essential storage administration procedure.

This Knowledge Sharing article is particularly useful for architects and administrators responsible for SAN development and management. From actual assessments in finance, telco, and transport companies, author Vasily Pantyukhin offers a very effective methodology to examine a SAN infrastructure. Employing a multidimensional approach helps facilitate a detailed investigation of the most important factors, including:

  • Architecture
  • Physical state
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Configuration
  • Management
  • Performance
  • Operations
  • Security

The methodology described in this article by Vasily allows one to visualize maturity levels of SAN management areas and develop recommendations for their optimization.

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