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NetWorker 8.1: The Next Big Thing

While major underlying architectural changes to NetWorker 8.0 made the product more stable, flexible, efficient, robust, and interoperable with cloud infrastructures and made it a popular choice for Enterprises, the latest version of NetWorker—8.1—has now become the premier backup solution.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Anuj Sharma discusses the new features of NetWorker 8.1, best practices to implement the features, and how organizations can take maximum advantage of what many consider to be the next big thing in the Backup industry.

Topics discussed in detail in this article include:

• NetWorker 8.1 Upgrade Considerations
• Improved Data Domain Integration
• Improved Snapshot Management
• Windows 2012 Backup Enhancements
• Block-based Backups
• DD Boost over Fibre Channel

• VHD Backups
• NMM 3.0 Enhancements
• Virtual Synthetic Full Backups

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