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NetWorker Gears Up For Cloud Transformation and Multi-Tenancy

Over time, NetWorker has evolved to satisfy enterprise needs for compatibility with the latest applications and operating systems. Notably, enterprises using NetWorker with Data Domain DD Boost have realized huge CapEx and OpEx benefits due to industry-leading deduplication ratios and throughput.

Recently, NetWorker 8 introduced major underlying architectural changes to meet the increased interest that enterprises have shown toward public and private cloud offerings. The changes have resulted in a product that is even more stable, flexible, efficient, robust, and interoperable with cloud infrastructures.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Anuj Sharma takes an in-depth look at the architectural changes in NetWorker 8, its benefits, and best practices to make the most of the changes. Topics discussed in detail in this article include:

• Backup to disk enhancements and best practices

• NSRMMD enhancements and benefits

• New NetWorker daemons and architecture

• NDMP enhancements

• Security enhancements

• JobsDB enhancements

• Restricted data zones for multi-tenancy benefits and implementation

• Introduction and implementation of synthetic backups

• NetWorker client direct architecture

• NetWorker firewall rules as per the new architecture changes in NetWorker 8

• Upgrade RoadMap from NetWorker 7.6 to NetWorker 8

• And many more best practices to reduce the RPO and backup window

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