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Optimization of VM Image Backups with Right Proxies

A backup administrator implementing virtual machine (VM) image backups for the first time or inheriting a backup server doing those kind of backups might encounter backups with degraded performance due to sub-optimal choice of proxies. Even if the proxies are used correctly, they may become inappropriate in time due to the dynamic nature of VMware where VM's are occasionally moved.

In this Knowledge Sharing article — awarded Best of Data Protection in the 2018 Knowledge Sharing Competition — Umit Dericioglu explains the importance of using the right proxy and what it means.

From there, Umit discusses:

• a suggested method to determine the appropriate proxy to use for backups

• development of a simple Perl program using VMware Perl SDK, accessing both vCenter and Avamar

• how to perform a periodical proxy health check demonstrated by using a subsequent Perl program developed in their workplace

The article concludes with ideas to be incorporated into Avamar or into any other backup system which does not perform automatic proxy optimization.

Read the full article here.