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Questions about E20-393 exam


I am studing Unity tranings documents and view training videos, but in the description of the document

there is a bold text that say "These exam description details reflect contents as of September 28, 2018"

There are a new document description of the content of this exam? if it is true, do you have a new link? if not, when will be available this new exam description?

There are changes on the exam that does not are included in the current trainings?

What preparation do i need to take to pass the "new" exam?

All coments will be very useaful and wellcome.



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Re: Questions about E20-393 exam

Hello Luis - The E20-393 exam was updated on September 28, 2018. The exam description document you mention here is for the current exam and reflects the curriculum that supports the current exam. We recommend you prepare using the current curriculum if you are taking the exam now. If you need further assistance regarding what courses you have and what to register for specifically please feel free to open up a support request.


Proven Professional team